Praise for Article Writing Masterclass:

Sylvie Tremblay“I came into this class fearful about my career and not sure I could write at a professional level — and the supportive atmosphere that Linda, Carol, and the editors created made the class a “safe space” to elevate my writing. I’m shocked at how much my writing has improved in just 10 weeks! This class helped me develop my voice, taught me the ins and outs of how articles are assigned, and taught me how to read like writer. The laser coaching was the best bonus ever. I think this is the best money I’ve ever invested in my career. You guys are amazing!” —Sylvie Tremblay
Debbie Curtis“I learned much, much more from you in Article Writing Masterclass than I did taking a ‘Writing for Magazines’ class at Cornell. I’m working on an article now that I’m sure will find a home in a nice, juicy paying market, thanks to your wonderful advice!” —Debbie Curtis
Lisa Freamo“I can’t imagine trying to write for magazines without this class! My favorite party was the real support and feedback. I wanted to know how the article-writing process worked, and now I do. I learned so many things I didn’t expect — the ‘red ink’ handout was eye-opening! This is not a ‘fluff’ course — it’s invaluable.” —Lisa Freamo
Sabriga Turgon“One of the most well-prepared, thorough, and carefully supported courses I’ve taken. What really made this class was the support, the encouraging emails to keep you on track, and the editors’ helpful, encouraging critiques. Now, I have an article written to professional standards.” —Sabriga Turgon
Catie Watson“I’ve been writing articles for five years, but signed up to learn more about the processes Linda and Carol used to become successful freelance writers. I wasn’t disappointed! Each module provided valuable tips and insights. Some of my favorite things included the live Q&As, the active forums, the chance to work with professional editors from well-known publications — and that Carol and Linda never seem to hold back in sharing their experiences. AWM has changed how I look at my freelance writing career. I’m ready to get out of my cycle of filling my spare time with low-paying gigs — or I’ll hear their voices in my head saying, ‘You’re worth more.'” —Catie Watson

Praise for our other classes:

diane dutchin“I acted on the information and landed my first paid gig in February for one of my favourite magazines. If you want to accelerate and take your writing to the next level, then J-School will do it.The information in this class is practical, fresh, and current. Responses were prompt and tailored to my situation, not a cookie-cutter response. The cost and value of J-School is an investment you benefit from in numerous ways, and again and again.” —Diane Dutchin, WriteEncourageEmpower

janet thomson“After signing my byline for an article today, I finally consider myself a real journalist. Since taking your class and being in the Den, I’ve signed my first contract with a newspaper, and am working on my third submission. I’m building relationships with editors and getting assignments. I feel very blessed!” —Janet Thomson
Josie Schneider“In eight succinct lessons, Linda laser-beams on the vital information needed to succeed at landing an assignment. “Write for Magazines” is not pie-in-the-sky fluff, but real-world practical and doable steps, with her own examples to inspire. The pacing of the course is correct, too, she doles out new information only after we have digested the last lesson. I’m happy to report I landed my first feature article in a glossy magazine one month after completing the course. Thanks, Linda.” —Josie Schneider
Barbara Albright“I recently completed Linda Formichelli’s “Write for Magazines” e-course and within weeks of completion, I received a writer’s contract from Spirituality & Health Magazine. I signed up for the class with the support option and was so impressed with Linda’s honest feedback and encouragement. By the time the 4-week class was completed, I was confident that I had a well crafted query to send out as well as a very clear idea of how to interview subjects for my topic and write the article.” —Barbara Albright
Andrea Volpe“Just heard tonight that I got a gig from a pitch that I first posted here, for a Civil War blog run by the New York Times. I’m over the moon. Thanks to Carol for her great read of the pitch, and to everyone on the Den who takes freelancing so seriously. I felt a lot more confident having all the Blast Off tutorials and knowing I was being professional.” —Andrea Volpe
brian adornetto
“I just received an early Christmas present… a contract to write the summer article with recipes. I’m so excited!Linda and Carol, thank you for your help, advice, and encouragement!” —Brian Adornetto
Lisa Baker“My last clips were years ago. After taking J-School and having my query letter reviewed in Freelance Writers Den, I landed my first glossy-mag assignment from Pregnancy & Newborn. Lesson one of J-School (the story ideas session) changed my life!” –Lisa Baker
Rose McNeill“It’s an understatement how valuable this training has been for me. I just started freelancing this past January, so I am fairly new. After last week’s letter-of-intent/query lesson, I put one together and sent it off (via email) to a few publications this week. I received a response immediately from a large technology magazine who wanted clips and my resume. A conference call this morning with two editors and bam! I’m now getting my largest assignment to date at $1.00 per word. I am still shaking in my boots!” —Rose McNeill, RoseWrites
Cheryl Bryan“Carol, I know J-School has helped me immensely. You were exactly right about experts’ willingness to be interviewed. You’ve also helped me learn about writing for the market — and the importance of marketing — my biggest challenge, I think.”–Cheryl Bryan, Cheryl’s Desk

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