What is the Article Writing Masterclass all about?

In the Article Writing Masterclass, our goal is to help you gain the skills and confidence to write outstanding articles, from nailing a publication’s style to dealing with revisions. We offer four kinds of support to help take your articles from “meh” to “wow!”—a special forum staffed by pro magazine editors, live Q&A support calls, motivational emails, and a 20-minute laser coaching call for those who qualify (more on that below).

Who teaches the Article Writing Masterclass?

Your instructors are veteran writers Carol Tice of the Make a Living Writing Blog and Linda Formichelli of The Renegade Writer; combined, they have over 35 years of experience as freelance writers. Read more about the instructors. Also on our team are two magazine editors, who critique assignments in the forum.

What are the payment options for the class?

We offer two payment plans – a single payment of $497 or a payment plan of 3 payments of $185.

Yes, you do save money if you use the one-pay option! With any of our payment options, you can pay with Paypal, or you can use a credit card without having a Paypal account.

The 3-pay cart says, “$185.00 USD for each 30 days, for 3 installments.” Why?

That’s PayPal’s awkward way of explaining that it’s taking out $185 now, and then it will take out the remaining 2 payments of the 3-pay 30 and 60 days later, respectively.

Do you cover pitching/query writing?

No. Article Writing Masterclass focuses entirely on writing a great article. We cover pitching in-depth in our Pitch Clinic class, and wanted to focus purely on article writing skills in this course.

If you need to learn more about query letters and pitching, sign up for Carol’s Pitch Clinic waiting list, and you’ll get an announcement when the next session of Pitch Clinic is scheduled.

I need to improve my basic English skills. Will this class help me?

No. This course assumes that you already have a basic, functional command of English grammar, word usage, and sentence structure.

Will I need to do interviews as part of the class?

It’s optional. You can either write an article based on your own idea, or an article off our assignment specs and note files we provide. You can make up “dummy” quotes for your article idea, if you don’t have time to get interviews during the class time.

Imagine an editor is giving you an assignment of a story they want written — that’s how it’ll work!

For those who’re interested in learning how to find sources and conduct interviews, we do have a training on interviews from our 4-Week J School class as an AWM bonus.

Are there any prerequisites to taking the class?

No. While it’s helpful if you have taken our 4-Week J School class, it’s not required. All you need is time to study the materials and do the homework, and the persistence to complete the assignments, even if you have a busy schedule.

What is the class schedule?

View the class schedule for the current session of AWM. After our bonus, kickoff event, new course materials are released every two weeks, and we’ll have a live Q&A session to take your questions a week after you get each module of materials.

Why are the Q&A calls all at different times?

Our students have different schedules—some freelance full-time, some work a 9-5 job, some go to school—and some are in time zones all over the planet, so when it’s day for some students, its night for others. We schedule our Q&A calls at different times so that every student is sure to have at least one call that’s convenient for them.

Do I need to attend every Q&A call?

No… you can attend as many as you like. Don’t have any questions, or can’t make a call because it doesn’t fit into your schedule? Then you don’t need to attend that one. But these Q&As are your chance to ask two pro writers your article-writing questions — and we’re happy to see you there!

How do I participate in the Q&A calls?

You’ll receive your participation info via email a few days before each Q&A call. Call-in details will also be posted in each Module on the Class Materials page.

How do I ask my questions during the Q&A calls?

When you log into the teleclass website, you can type your questions into the Chat section.

What if I have questions in between the Q&A calls?

Feel free to post any homework/class-related question in the class forum! We can answer on the ‘general discussion & questions’ forum.

Will the Q&A calls be recorded? Will there be transcripts?

Absolutely. Give us 2-3 days after each Q&A call, and we’ll add those to their Module as we go.

How do I access the modules?

Enrolled students will have access to the Class Materials page, which will include links to Modules and weekly assignments as they are posted. The first set of Class Materials will be accessible when class begins on Jan. 13, but we’ll have your bonuses ready for you whenever you sign up.

What else do the Modules include besides recordings and transcripts?

Each Module also contains additional resources, such as articles, bonus recordings or handouts, and homework assignments.

Will there be transcripts of the Q&A calls?

Yes! They’ll be posted in each Module on the course website. Allow 2-3 days for us to get the transcripts of our live Q&As and kickoff event posted. Only students who purchase the full class will have access to the recordings and transcripts.

What if I want to download the printed materials?

We actually encourage it! At the conclusion of each two-week module, we’ll offer you a zip file with everything from that section, including the transcript from the live Q&A call. In the meanwhile, you’ll be able to access all the printed materials online as you work through that module.

How do I get onto the Article Writing Masterclass forum?

Enrolled students will have access to the Class Forum, which is visible in the top menu bar when the student is logged in. Usernames and passwords will be emailed to students upon registration.

What are the homework assignments?

With each Module you’ll get a new homework assignment. If you do all the assignments, at the end of the class you will have written and edited an article, with input from pro editors.

Where do I turn in my homework?

You can post your completed homework in the Class Forum under the appropriate section (i.e. Forum > Module 1 Homework).

Who will critique my assignment?

We have magazine editors, who have hired and edited hundreds of freelancers, on our staff. They will be critiquing your assignments in the forums. You can also ask Carol and Linda questions about your drafts in the live Q&A sessions.

Is there a deadline to turn in each homework assignment?

While there is no deadline, per se—you can do the assignments at your convenience—our team will support the forum and offer critiques only through the last day of class. And if you want to receive a free 20-minute laser coaching call with Carol or Linda (more on that below), you do need to turn in all your assignments before the end of the 10-week course.

How does the laser-coaching call work?

If you listen to/read the materials and turn in all your assignments by the end of the 10-week class, we’ll give you a free 20-minute coaching call with Carol or Linda, where we can answer your questions or discuss your assignments. This is a special gift for students who stick with the course to the end. We’ll set up a calendar towards the end of class, and you can schedule your coaching call for a convenient time.

What are the motivational emails?

Twice weekly, you’ll receive an email with a motivational message or links to additional reading that complements the current lesson.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes: If you study all the materials and complete all the assignments and feel you haven’t learned anything that will help you write great articles, we’ll refund your payment.

Who should I contact about technical problems?

Contact our support team at help@articlemasterclass.com. Trust us, if you ask us a technical question, all we do is forward it to them.

Who should I contact with questions about the Article Writing Masterclass?

Feel free to hit up Carol at carol@caroltice.com. Happy to answer! (Remember, please send technical questions to help@articlemasterclass.com)